Farm Specifications

Fast Hardware and Network

Cinema 4D Cloud Rendering Services

Our render farm is real bare metal. We use Dual XEON servers with up to 56 CPU cores that are equipped with 64 to 128GB of memory connected to a very fast network and solid state storage servers. We also are building out our GPU farm with Teslas, Titan Xs and 16GB Radeon Pros.


  • Dual XEON Servers
  • 64GB to 128GB
  • CUDA + Open CL GPUs


  • Sandisk Fusion IO Solid State Storage
  • 50TB Capacity
  • 20GB/s Lan connection


  • CISCO Switch with 720GB/s backplane
  • 20Gb/s connections to Storage Servers


  • Built in File Catalyst UDP data transfers
  • 400Mb/s, expandable to 10Gb/s Internet

Supported Software

We support the most popular software as shown below plus many plugins like X-particles, RailClone Pro, Forest Pack Pro, RPC, Frost MX, DomeMaster 3D, CV-VRCAM, City Traffic, Forester, Vray Scatter, RealFlow, ColorCorrect and etc. Ask us for the full list!


  • V-Ray
  • Maxwell
  • Redshift GPU
  • Limited Versions


  • V-Ray
  • Redshift GPU
  • Maxwell
  • Limited Versions

Cinema 4D

  • V-Ray
  • Maxwell
  • Physical
  • Standard


  • Internal



And More!

  • Terragen
  • Maxwell Standalone
  • Pro Render
  • Nuke

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