RenderBlade Super Value


RenderBlade Super Value

Our NEW RenderBlade SuperValue is built on quality high performance commercial components and is custom built to Render.

Are you looking to upgrade your current system, but want to do so on a tight budget? Our RenderBlade Super Value system is engineered for effective rendering performance but at a cost that doesn't break the bank. With 32 CPU cores of DUAL CPU render power running at 3.5GHz with 64GB of ECC memory, this machine ensures super fast rendering.

The RenderStorm RenderBlade Super Value features commercial quality components from market leading manufacturers like SuperMicro, Samsung, Intel and more and offer a one, three and five year warranty on all our systems. 

Dual E5 2630 V4 System


Cinebench 15 Score
RenderBlade Super Value


Cinebench 15 Score


MotherboardSuperMicro X9DRD-IF-O Dual Xeon Motherboard
XEON CPU X 2pcsIntel E5 2680
Memory64GB DDR3 ECC
Case4U Rosewill Rackmount Server chassis
Cpu Fans x 2DEEPCOOL ICE BLADE 200M CPU Cooler Dual 8mm
Operating SystemWindows 7 Pro 64 (Optional Win10) or LINUX install (Free)
PSUPowerSupply 600W Bronze
KeyboardNo Keyboard

Need a Custom Solution?

Know what you want? Configure your own custom render blade here.

Our RenderBlades Features and Benefits

RenderStorm Renderblades feature Supermicro motherboards, Intel Processors and quality commercial components built to run at full CPU load during rendering for years. We back our products and offer additional 3 and 5 year guarantees options.


Custom Built

RenderStorm is in the rendering business. We have custom built our series of render products and understands what you need to get the job done!  We build the same systems for our current farms.


We use only SuperMicro motherboards, Intel XEON processors, Fast ECC memory, quality commercial components in all our builds.


Render performance of our RenderBlade Super Value is equivalent to a Dual Xeon 2630 V4 system. 32 CPU cores, 64GB ECC Ram and 2 x GBe LAN  ensure fast rendering performance.


Our custom built render blades give you the best price - performance on the market. Save up to 50% off the competition. 

Accessories and Upgrades

Solid State Drives

500 and 1TB SSD

Upgrade to SSD. We offer upgrades from 500GB up to 2TB capacities. We use SSD for disk intensive renders.

Upgrade to 128GB


If your scenes require more than 64GB of memory for rendering you can upgrade to 128GB DDR3 ECC memory. 

2 x 10G SFP+


You can add a SFP+ 2 x 10 Gigabit LAN card for faster network access. We also offer 40 to 100 Gibabit /s solutions to fit your network.

2U case option

2U Rackmount

Need more density? We offer this model in a 2U rackmount case also.

Need a Workstation?

SuperValue Workstation

All of our RenderBlades can easily be made into Media and Entertainment workstations! Just add graphics (Nvidia) and a SuperMicro MidiTower case (W/ SuperMicro 900W Gold PSU) and keyboard/mouse and get ready to create!


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