RenderStorm GPU Station

3D GPU Workstation. Made for 3D Workflows and GPU Rendering.

Aggressively priced, built and optimized for both 3D Workstation applications such as MAYA™, 3DS Max™, Houdini and other intensive 3D applications and GPU Rendering with Redshift™ and Octane™ 3D rendering engines.  The RenderStorm GPU Station is both a workstation and a GPU rendernode and features:

  • Intel i9 7900XE CPU with up to 18 physical cores and 44 PCIE lanes and slots for up to 4 graphic cards
  • or AMD Threadripper CPU with up to 32 physical cores and 64PCIE lanes and slots for up to 4 graphic cards
  • Superior cooling for GPU Rendering under full load
  • 1600W Titanium rated reliable power
  • Aluminum Tower Case or 4U case for rackmount
  • 32 to 128GB of DDR4 RAM
  • 1TB NVME m.2 PCI-E SSD (3x faster than SSD)
  • 2 x 1Gb/s LAN + 1 x 10Gb/s LAN interface
  • Just add GPU's and we configure!

The RenderStorm GPU Station and Redshift™

See how the RenderStorm GPU Station with different graphic cards scales with the Redshift GPU Benchmark. Learn more about the Redshift GPU Benchmark at


The RenderStorm GPU Station and Octane™

Check out the benchmarks and how the RenderStorm GPU Station scales with Octane™. Results can vary and more CPU cores and frequency can make a small difference in performance.  Learn more about the Octane GPU Benchmark at


Up to 64 PCI-E lanes!

 No Bottlenecks here! Our RenderStorm GPU Station has four 16 PCI-E slots and supports up to four graphic cards

- Intel i9 7900x = 44 PCIE Lanes (16x8x8x8) lanes

  • Note that most GPU donot use 16 lanes and 8 lanes will show little performance difference in rendering

- AMD Threadripper = 64 PCIE lanes (16x16x16x8) lanes

Our Features

Why not purchase a GPU Station from a company that actually designs GPU Servers for their own renderfarm? Our systems are built for GPU Rendering and stay cool and reliable while you render out your creations to meet your deadlines. Just add graphics and we configure.

Experts in GPU Rendering

We come from the GPU Industry and run a GPU RenderFarm. We understand Hardware, Networking, 3D and Rendering. Let us build your next 3D Workstation at an unbeatable price.


Tower or 4U Rackmount

Choose between a Tower or 4U rackmount case. Both solutions have the same configuration and have superior cooling for your GPU's.


Latest Technology from AMD and Intel

Choose between Intel i9 7900 or AMD Ryzen Threadripper.


Superior GPU Cooling

Designed to run 24/7 and stay cool while your GPU's are running at maximum power and load.


1600W of Maximum Power

To supply power to 4 high performance GPU's running at full load requires a reliable PSU. Our PSU's are rated the highest efficiency rating of Titanium. 


Faster Storage with NVME

Up to 3x faster than regular SATA SSD drives, the RenderStorm GPU Server is equipped with a 500GB NVME m.2 and a PCI-E Interface.

Benchmarks: Intel vs AMD

Intel i9 7980XE


Cinebench 15 Score
AMD Threadripper 2990WX


Cinebench 15 Score

RenderStorm GPU Render Station

Motherboard ASUS ZENITH Extreme sTR4
Intel or AMD Choose between an INTEL i9 7980XE Series and a AMD 2990WX Ryzen Threadripper CPU
Memory 32 GB DDR4 RAM
Harddrive 1TB NVME m.2 PCI-E SSD + 1TB Harddrive
Case Phanteks Enthoo Luxe PH-ES614LTG_AG Black Tower Case (or 4U Rackmount Case)
Cpu Fan Variable Speed CPU Fan with heatpipes
Operating System Windows 10 PRO
PSU PowerSupply 1600W Titanium Rated PSU with support for up to 4 x Graphics Cards
Outputs 2 x 1GB LAN + 10GB LAN interfaces, USB 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1, SATA, etc.
Keyboard Mouse and Keyboard

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