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RenderStorm charges by render credits. 1 Render Credit = 15 cents. A rendercredit is based on render performance. We use an index called RPI (Render Performance Index) and each system runs a test to determine its RPI. RPI is scalable with Maxon Cinebench up to 1-2 percent. 


A typical 32 core Dual XEON system with 64GB of RAM is about 11 RPI or 11 Render Credits x 15 cents - $1.65 per machine hour. 



First you need to register for an account. In the registration you will input a user name and password. After you compete the registration, you will receive an email with a download link and instructions. We automatically deposit $25 into your account to help  you get started (New accounts only) rendering.


Download and install the software RenderStorm WoRX. The first time you startup the software, it will automatically install in application plugins to your favorite 3D Applications. Startup your 3D Application and launch our plugin when you want to render.


We only charge for Render Time. That is the time each render node is active with rendering your job. 


  • We donot charge for Uploads or Downloads
  • We donot charge for Storage


The most accurate way for you to determine how much it will cost to render your job is as follows:


  1. Submit a test job using your free $25 in render credits 
  2. Scrub thru your scenes timeline and pick a sampling of 3-10 frames that best represent the render you want to submit.
  3. Render out the test frames.
  4. Add up all of the test rendered frames costs. Take that sum and divide it by the number of frames you rendered to get the average cost  per frame.
  5. Then multiply  this average frame cost by number of frames to get your total job cost.


Please call for volume pricing. RenderStorm is very competitive and will meet or beat quotations from serious competitors.


RenderStorm is a professional service and we pay for all software licenses and are an authorized render farm for all we offer.


In some cases you may get a better price from our competion and this can be due to them not paying for software licenses. This maynot be an issue in some cases but most of our  customers and their clients will not risk rendering their projects on pirated software. 


Leasing: If you need exclusive guaranteed access to machines for a limited time and you may have special workflows, shaders or additional plugins installed that we normally donot support, leasing would be a better solution for your render needs.


On Demand (Render Credits): If you have standard workflows and your project is not as time critical and we support your current workflow we recommend purchasing render credits and this would be the best option.


Costs: If you plan to render more than 80% of the time in a 24 hour period, leasing systems would be more price advantageous. Otherwise On Demand (Render credits) is more cost effective.


We support the most popular plugins for 3DS MAX, MAYA and C4D like Forest Pack Pro, Rail Clone Pro, RPC, X-particles, V-Ray Scatter and much more. Check out our WIKI pages for a detailed document with all software/plugins and versions we support. 


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