Cost Estimates

Cost Estimations

In order to get an accurate estimation on cost for your project, we have found out thru experience that the best way is to render a test sample of your job and calculate your cost and time. We no longer use an online calculator due to inaccuracy. 

Use the steps below to calculate your job.

Choose a sampling of frames (3-10) in your scene timeline.

Submit a test render and when completed, calculate the average render time per frame.

Calculation = (Total no. of Frames * Render Times) / Total no. of Frames = (Average frame time)

Total Job Time = (Average Frame time * Total no. of frames for the job)

Total Job Cost = Total Job Time * $.15 Render Credit. (Automated)

Total Job Cost = Total job Time x $1.65 machine hr. (Remote)


Choose your Plan!


Submit from your desktop and your scenes are automatically uploaded and rendered. Completed frames are then automatically downloaded back to you.

  • We currently do not support 3DS Max and Maya on our Automated Service.

Remote Access

Log into powerful workstations thru remote desktop, upload your scenes and assets then render from within your favorite applications with ThinkBox Deadline™.

  • We support Major Software and Render Engines.
  • Launching December 2017!

Full Service

With RenderSource, we become your Render Department and offer complete outsourced rendering for your company and projects. Just leave us your scenes
and we do the rest!

  • We support Major Software and Render Engines.


If you need 100 systems or more and need an exclusive environment and access, RenderVault™ may be the solution for you.

  • We support Major Software and Render Engines.
  • Exclusive - Internet, Network, RenderFarm

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