RenderStorm announces NEW Services

RenderStorm continues to expand our business and we have been listening to the needs of our clients and partners. Starting on November 15th, RenderStorm will be changing our service model to the following:

  • Direct Connect Service: We will continue to offer a version of our automatic rendering service but are reducing our software support to the following applications: 3DS Max up to 2016, MAYA up to 2016, Cinema 4D up to version R19 and Modo up to Version 11.02. We also support most Render engines and plugins like VRAY, Redshift, Maxwell, ProRender and etc.
  • Remote Access Service: Log into one of our powerful workstations, upload your project and render in your favorite applications with Thinkbox Deadline. completed frames are then downloaded thru our fast FTP/UDP software. You control your renders. This new service is due to launch on November 15th. Most Applications Supported.
  • RenderSource: We take care of all your rendering needs. Just upload or send us your projects and we render them to your specifications and transfer or ship overnight your frames/output. We become your render department. Available now…

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